We do not deal with any HOA. That is the homeowners responsibility. We do not assume responsibility for passing hoa regulations, codes, easements, permits or any other property related issues. We provide a detail of the fence to be installed and it’s the h/o responsibility to get approval where needed.

Many are simple replacements so they go back in the same basic line as the previous fence. Any new locations are determined by home owner, superintendent, or property manager. We don’t ever install a fence unless told where to put it.

Do you collect from our neighbors?
We accept check or cash as well as credit card for an additional 3%. We contract with one homeowner per job as required. We have to collect from the job from the one Homeowner we have the contract with. Prior arrangements with the neighbors to leave checks with you seems to make the process smoother.
A walk through is suggested while the crew is on site so they can make any needed changes at the time rather than go back into the schedule and come back at a later date.
If you are not available at completion then payment should be left where they can retrieve it after completion.

If wood you can add a preservative once a year to maintain the color. Sometimes the gate pin may need adjustment on wood gates as the lumber shrinks and expands depending on the weather. Iron fences require no real maintenance.

Many contractors require a deposit, we do not. We only ask for a signature on the proposal and full payment at the completion of the project.

We just need direct access to the fence for tear-out and install. If you could remove anything attached to the fence or trim bushes limiting access that would be helpful. In some cases we clear the fence line but at additional cost. However, the estimator will let you know what needs to be done at the time of estimate.

Most of the time it’s not necessary, but we like to have a phone number to reach you in case we have questions.

1 to 3 days for most backyard fence projects depending on the style being installed and the soil encountered. More for acreage.

You have a 1 year craftsmanship warranty in place from date of install. However, until payment is collected in full warranty work will not take place.